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#20: The Antlers – Hospice

#20 brings us to one of the biggest breakout bands of 2009 – The Antlers.  Their album, Hospice, is arguably the most critically acclaimed album of the year, and I’ve seen it ranked at #1 on several top 2009 lists.  Hospice is the band’s first concept album; a devastating tale of a man who encounters a depressed bone cancer patient.

While obviously not my favorite album released this year, from an artistic standpoint, I cannot deny the beauty of Hospice. The raw emotion that this album delivers is unrivaled by anything that’s been released in quite a while.  Some of the instrumental sections on this album are amazing, and if I had to describe it in one word, “haunting” would be the most appropriate.  Lyrically, may be where this album truly shines though.  Not to sound trite, but it’s as if you can almost feel the pain that Peter Silberman (vocalist and guitarist for The Antlers) was feeling when he wrote this record.  If you choose to listen to this album, I would definitely suggest paying attention to the lyrics as you go.

This album definitely isn’t for everyone, and I’ll admit that I have to be in a certain mindset to listen to this album.  Definitely not one that I’m always in the mood to spin.


Released: August 18, 2009

Metacritic: 86/100
Pitchfork: 8.5/10
Allmusic: 3.5/5

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