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#23: Neko Case – Middle Cyclone

#23 brings us to the first (and only) female singer-songwriter on my list, Neko Case.  I just discovered Case this year, and she has been a centerpiece in a genre that I’ve been dabbling in quite a bit lately; alternative-country.

Well known for her role in the band The New Pornographers, Middle Cyclone is Case’s fifth solo endeavor.   A notable thing to mention about this album is its theme of nature.  Many of the songs deal with Case’s rapport with animals and nature, hence the title.  Also, hence the closing track of the album, “Marais la Nuit”, which is essentially thirty-two minutes of crickets chirping.  Probably my biggest gripe with the album, although it does make for a nice piece to listen to when trying to fall asleep.

This is a really poppy album.  With quiet and mellow percussion, and catchy choruses, I find myself always in the mood to listen to this album; it’s really easy to listen to and enjoy.

Honestly, this album (or any Case album, for that matter)  is worth listening to for her vocals alone.  The warmth, and flawless tone of Case’s voice is so pleasant sounding.  Give this album a shot if you appreciate good vocals.  Seriously, they’re fucking awesome.


Released: March 3, 2009

Metacritic: 79/100
Pitchfork: 7.9/10
Allmusic: 4/5

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Recommended tracks:

This Tornado Loves You (could only find her performance of this song from Letterman)

People Got a Lotta Nerve