Terrell Owens on Twitter?!

It’s been almost two weeks, but I’m finally back with a new entry.  With the end of the semester approaching I’ve been very busy with a research paper and exams.  This delay was pretty much inevitable.  Oh well, anyway…

With the recent upsurge of the micro-blogging service known as Twitter (everyone knows what it is by now), many celebrities have made accounts of their own.  I thought this was pretty cool, albeit, often times it isn’t truly the celebrity who’s behind the account.  On my own Twitter account (yes, I have one) I have followed celebrities such as Dave Matthews, Shaq, Tina Fey (don’t really think it’s her account though) and Adam Carolla.  While I enjoy reading what these celebrities have to say, it gets kind of old after a while, because in the end, I truly don’t care.  However, I recently found out that Terrell Owens of the Buffalo Bills has an account of his own (and yes, it has been confirmed to be him).  My intial reaction to this was nothing less than amusement.  I personally think Terrell Owens, although an idiot, is one of the most hilarious figures in sports.  Everything the guy does seems to amuse me; whether it’s getting tackled on the Dallas Cowboy mid-field logo, or crying on live TV, the guy is fantastic.  His twitter doesn’t disappoint either:

“neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i’m happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!”

But Terrell, that’s your (former) quarterback, your teammate.  How can ya blame Tony?!?

Also, you gotta love the grammar that T.O. uses here; the lack of a’s in “was” and “that.”  The shortening of “be” to “b”.  I know Twitter limits you to 140 characters but I don’t think it’ll kill him to write in English.

I plan to stay posted to T.O.’s Twitter.  It’s easily the best (and funniest) Celeb-Twitter I’ve come across thus far.

If you’re interested in visiting my Twitter (shameless plug), check it out http://twitter.com/keithheiman.  Not much there, but maybe I’ll do more with it in the future.


3 responses to “Terrell Owens on Twitter?!

  1. fredsmilek001

    TO gets himself in enough trouble, I dont think an outlet like Twitter is going to help that cause


  2. Are you actually criticizing TO for not using proper grammar on twitter?!?!!?

    First of the missing “a” in was probably was a mistake. I do that all the time. And shortening be to b is very normal… its twitter!!!!

    and how come no criticism for shortening are to r?

    it makes me angry for someone to criticize twitter grammar. im sry. (YES IM SRY NOT SORRY!)

    • I’m not criticizing Terrell Owens for his grammar, I just find it funny that he chooses to neglect vowels from a lot of his words. If you look at other posts from his Twitter, it wasn’t by mistake.

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