The Adam Carolla Podcast

“Everybody get it on…gotta get it on!”

So lately, I’ve been very into podcasts. Of all the various podcasts I’ve listened to,  none have grabbed my attention to the extent of The Adam Carolla Podcast. After his radio show was canceled, Carolla ventured to the podcast scene, taking money out of his own pocket to produce content.  Each daily podcast is essentially an unscripted conversation between the “Ace Man” himself and a different celebrity guest.  Within its first week, the podcast became the number one downloaded podcast on iTunes.  As of today, it still remains in the top downloaded podcasts on the net.

What’s really memorable about the podcast is Carolla’s hilarious rants.  He’ll often drift onto tangents where he’ll pose his theories on many insignificant topics.  One that I really found funny was his theory that there is a direct correlation between the winner of professional horse races, and the quality of their “wang name” (basically how fitting it would be for a male penis). It’s the ridiculous ideas like this that keeps me downloading the podcast every weekday.

If you find yourself with nothing to listen to on your commute to work or class, definitely give Carolla’s podcast a shot.  Some that I would suggest to download would be:

Adam Carolla and Dave Dameshek (4.22.2009, includes the aforementioned horse/wang bit)

Adam Carolla, Carson Daly, and Jimmy Kimmel (4.21.2009)

Adam Carolla and Harland Williams (4.15.2009)


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