So it begins…

Welcome to my blog.  I’ve always wanted to start one of these, and so I thought; what better time than in my Pre-Civil War US History class?  In this blog, I will share my current thoughts, experiences, ideals, and whatever else I feel like including.  I hope to frequently update, as I plan on maintaining this blog for the foreseeable future.  Anyway, I hope whoever comes across this finds me interesting, and enjoys what they read.  Cheers!

Keith M. Heiman


5 responses to “So it begins…

  1. Soooo Keith Heiman is trying to become a active member of the interweb without it being related to dave matthews or porn. This will be intersesting. since youll prob run out of ideas and other members probly dont know about you. i was wondering if you could describe yourself. whats tv shows do u hate and which ones are u embarassed to be a fan of. cough cough WWE cough

  2. love it keith and love you guys

  3. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging

  4. MEAH!! i got a leak on the new keith m heiman blog

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